Articles and scientific studies to help better understand the causes and consequences of today's Western megafires.


Why Big, Intense Wildfires Are the New Normal
National Geographic

A Warming World is Sparking More and Bigger Wildfires
Yale Environment 360

Stanford engineer’s study shows effects of biomass burning on climate, health
Stanford University Engineering

Did Climate Change Worsen the Southern California Fires?
The Atlantic

In a Warming California, A Future of More Fire
New York Times

How Climate Change is Making Disasters Like the Carr Fire More Likely
Washington Post

When Fire Season Lasts All Year Long
Los Angeles Times

The Common Thread in California's Wildfires: Heat Like the State Has Never Seen
Los Angeles Times

Wildfires Raging in Greece and California Prove Climate Change Is Here
The Daily Beast

The Era of Megafires: The Crisis Facing California and What Will Happen Next
The Guardian

Why the Wildfires of 2018 Have Been So Ferocious
The Guardian

Three of California’s Biggest Fires Ever Are Burning Right Now
New York Times

Fierce and Unpredictable: How Wildfires Became Infernos
New York Times

In California’s new wildfire reality, facing the need for periodic fires to clear fuel
San Francisco Chronicle

Fighting Fire with Fire: California Turns to Prescribed Burning
Yale Environment 360

Megafires: Fighting Fire with Fire Could Reduce Destructive, Out of Control Blazes
East Bay Times

Scientists say halting deforestation ‘just as urgent’ as reducing emissions
The Guardian

We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN
The Guardian

Preparing for Disaster
SF Chronicle

Scientific Studies

High severity wildfire effects on carbon stocks and emissions in fuels treated and untreated forest
Forest Ecology and Management

Impact of anthropogenic climate change on wildfire across western US forests  
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US

Drought, Tree Mortality, and Wildfire in Forests Adapted to Frequent Fire
American Institute of Biological Sciences

An Ecosystem Management Study for Sierra Mixed-Conifer Forests
US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station

California Forest Carbon Plan
Forest Climate Action Team