What people are saying

“A fascinating film…highly recommended.”


“An absolutely wonderful production, the messages in this film are spot-on!”

- Ken Pimlott, Chief, California Department of Fire and Forestry (Cal Fire)

“Compelling…I was particularly impressed by the positive, practical approach to solving the problem.”  

- Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board

“An outstanding documentary that is timely and one of the best we screened.”

- Berkeley Video & Film Festival

“Terrific film! Beautifully shot and edited and a fine music score by Chris Hedges.”   

- Bernie Krause, Musician and Soundscape Ecologist

“I both enjoyed and appreciated [the film]. As an ex-USFS firefighter, I thought it pulled together all the elements of the situation.”

- Richard Schwartz, Author and ex U.S. Forest Service Firefighter

"Beautifully put together, educational, intelligent, moving, clear and very powerful (not to mention timely). It is one of best, most effective documentaries we've seen. We really, really liked it." 

- Alex Reisman, Attorney